BallThrow 3

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Mr. Cage has escaped from his owner. He jumped up to the moon , of course.
This is the third version of Ballthrow. Better graphics and hopefully more entertaining game than the previous ones. If you like this I will make a new version with levels.
Thank you for playing:)


(( FUN GAME ))

Fun game, kinda hard to controlll the ball i think the best i did was 1.3 feet, but i did like the nice graphics, fun game too, wish it had more stuff to do, nice job though, i had fun playing it.

Make more interactive stuff.

Fun ball game or cage, but its fun and silly.


hey, i think im the highest

high - 522
low - negative 0.8

i read through the reviews and it looks like i'm the highest...someone beat me!!!!


This seemed to me to be alittle experimental, compared to your other earlier versions which seemed to have the same layout. I am probably just complaining because my score was so low, 151, but i thought that it was alot harder this time around and everytime i accidently moved the ball i got a negative score or a lousy one. The background was a nice mix up though i liked that light sound too. I do feel overall it has taken a backstep though.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)


More games like these iceflass this one is better than balltrow 2.

Try Something New

These" throw something" games are a dime a dozen. You seem to know what you are doing so I think you should focus on making something different and new rather than remaking this type of game.

BTW I found a bug where I threw Mr Cage and he didn't go up or down, just hovered above the ground.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2006
2:21 PM EDT
Skill - Toss