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Press Start: Beer Comes..

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Press Start: Bonus Levels
"Beer Comes a New Challenger"

This premiere episode, "Beer Comes a New Challenger", finds irate ninja Lin-Ku at a bar, fuming over an unexpected turn of events at a recent fighting tournament.

**REVISED ON 4/20/2007**

"Press Start: Bonus Levels" is a monthly animated series based on the upcoming live-action videogame comedy movie "Press Start".

Created and animated by "Press Start" writer Kevin Folliard and produced by "Press Start" director/producer Ed Glaser, "Bonus Levels" goes where the movie can't, introducing audiences to the world of the film even before the movie is completed.

Each episode will be only a few minutes long and will feature the voice talents of the "Press Start" cast, as well as others, plus music by professional videogame composer Jake "virt" Kaufman. And while we're not mentioning any names just yet, videogame fans may find some enjoyable surprises among the guest voices in future episodes.

For more information about "Press Start", visit www.PressStartMovie.com.

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I personally didn't think this was that great. I knew from the date that it was the first episode. I think it's because this had so few characters in it. I mean, it's more entertaining to see how they play off each other. This was still quite fun. Linku's quite entertaining.

I really like the animation style. It's cheesy, but not annoying. I wasn't expecting this from a beer cartoon. I like the phrase, "I'll tell you when I've had enough!". I just want more of the characters.


diagonal fireballs ohno!

Pretty decent...

lol Akuma's a bitch


BEST ONE EVER! which MK is the flaming head guy in? or am i a big sack and this isnt from MK? IN THE AIR!