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Everything but the audio is created with API
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Build yourself a cute creature, then hurl it as high as possible... either kill it in mid-air, or let it fall to its gory death.
Use the trampolines to propel it higher, and pick up bonus stars for extra points.
Press SPACE between bounces, and use ARROWS to direct your (short) flight.
You'll earn extra points (Time Bonus) for staying airborne for as long as possible.
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The creature builder offers virtually infinite combinations, with a colour-picker for each item.
Online scoreboard for the elite.
Game tips included.
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Loading the audio from offsite didn't work =(
So filesize is now 220 kb rather than 22 kb. O WELLZ
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Thanks to Mogly for the 'KILL' button idea, and to the beta testers - see the credits
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People tend to assume that because the filesize is small, the game was easy to make. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
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Thanks for playing



dude whats that huh a boring game there is a lot of things missing and you need to do better then this:

i will give u 2 because the things missing are :

boring costumes no desing

more levels

boring nothing to do

now in % il give you 45%

i hope you will listen to this message because i now you can do better plz :)

do not be sad.


just boring


i personly hate it! if any of you like it then fine... but i hate it soo much!

Denvish responds:

I value your opinion above all others

not to good

srry but this was boring and stuipd, i mean i luv blowing and killing people (on games of course) as much as the next person, but this sucked

screw this

the only part i enjoyed was killing the little shit head thing i made.

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4.01 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2006
7:33 PM EDT
Skill - Toss