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Everything but the audio is created with API
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Build yourself a cute creature, then hurl it as high as possible... either kill it in mid-air, or let it fall to its gory death.
Use the trampolines to propel it higher, and pick up bonus stars for extra points.
Press SPACE between bounces, and use ARROWS to direct your (short) flight.
You'll earn extra points (Time Bonus) for staying airborne for as long as possible.
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The creature builder offers virtually infinite combinations, with a colour-picker for each item.
Online scoreboard for the elite.
Game tips included.
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Loading the audio from offsite didn't work =(
So filesize is now 220 kb rather than 22 kb. O WELLZ
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Thanks to Mogly for the 'KILL' button idea, and to the beta testers - see the credits
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People tend to assume that because the filesize is small, the game was easy to make. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
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Thanks for playing


i... dunno

ok its ok but there are two things
one: needs instructiuons at making it drow cuz i seem to somehow suck.
two: better dressing up ure creature try making it selection for the dressing a bit like the sonic dress up game (look it up)
but apart from that its ok


try a new concept...maybe something...i dunno.......interesting?


it was ok, but i expected better

Denvish responds:

I expected a banana, but all I got was this lousy coconut.


it at first was fun but one glitch makes me hate it if you just click the when you are suposed to fling the little guy he explodes!!!! WTF other than that pwnage

It's cute and gory but..

it just seems there's no point to it. I know it's pretty cool seeing on of your own getting killed by a huge fall and all, but it's just really not that fun. If it was make your own humans then that wpuld be a lot more fun and cool. But overall it's a pretty good time waster at the office or if you have let's say 5 minutes to live before you die. Good job though.

Denvish responds:

I'm sorry, I didn't realise that games were required to have a 'point'. I thought they were just for fun. Silly me.

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Apr 27, 2006
7:33 PM EDT
Skill - Toss