Melon Glock

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You may need to turn the quality down or you're going to experience lag like no other.

Hot tentacle rapings. :]


Hey dude

This is awesome and I love the glock group. Can I be chainsaw glock? PM me please!

Ruled =D

Man that animation was one of the best i have seen.
I hate these other Animators who make to Glock Group look crap!
This is the best glock group movie i have ever seen and i think you should make an orginal series of animations so nobody can make it look sh*t.
Good work and keep it up.


this is the first time I ever seen a Glock movie and I gotta say it seems good, but can't judge on 1 movie.
When I first heard of the GG I thought it was diffrent kinds of guns, not a pistol on random things; If it were guns I would of joind but no I'll just watch.
And do the GG have any enemys? I mean considering it was made from former Clocks and Locks I think that maybe both CC and LL hate the GG but then will the GG hate the CC and the LL but they are former members so maybe the GG are allies with CC and LL and LL and CC are allies with GG...hmmmm I just need to know if anyone of CC or LL hate GG or if GG hates CC and or LL

What the? Didnt lag btw

Ha didnt lag. Didnt really see the point of watching this. Good graphics ad style though.


^^Good Points^^
This movie was not only entertaining, but it was really strange, which I liked. You had great camera movement, and great drawings and animations. Everything in this was really abstract, and the music really helped to bring out that mood. A great movie you have here, I really liked it.

^^Needs Improving^^
Though I liked this movie, I'm sure you have gotten and will get in the future stuff like "WTF was that?". Just something to consider in the future.

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3.17 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2006
4:57 PM EDT