Chav Hunter

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A fun sniper game where you shoot chavs!
YAY!!! Front Page! Thanks Newgrounds
This took me just over a month to make and is inspired by Tactical Assassin. I hope you enjoy it. When writing reviews please take into account this is my first ever game; that i am fully aware this is a "rip-off" of tactical assassin and that the game is mainly about killing chavs not being the best shooter on newgrounds.
Special thanks to Jenk, Chi and Langers
***EDIT*** 24th Jan
Chav hunter 2 is currently being made sorry about the wait!


I'm chavin' it!! NOT!!

Now I'm not racist or prejudiced but there's one steriotype I would pay big money to ACTUALLY do that to chavs! Even the word chav sounds chavy!!! They all need lockin up in a microwave!! lol ^_^
!! kill em all !!

It was coo

I like these games,keep the good work up and stuff

I like these sniper games

But i encountered the same glitch in mcdonalds where i would kill the two chavs and then it wouldnt end. So i shoot the madness guy, doesnt end. So then i shoot the last guy and it says i killed a undercover. i tried waiting after i killed the 3 guys it would let me but i says ive run out've time. hope this helps =-\

Saint-kilich responds:

Make sure you shoot everything in sight, not just the chavs!!!


I just love the sniping games and sniping chavs is all the more fun...didnt have the patience to get past the "Maccy D's" level cause i didnt know what all to destroy and it was annoyin having to keep puting the password in and starting from the level before. Maybe you should just remove the password thig altogether and just start from the level you left of at when you fail. Also you should take the screams out as theyre slightly annoying, who scream when they get shot in the head:P make more of a splat noise. well anyway, great game. i loved it.

Saint-kilich responds:

yeh thats what a lot of pple are saying, edit the game soon. thanks for the review

Bang the stickman?

Great work on this shooter dude, nothing pleases me more then to knock the head off of those damn things..., i guess the style made the need for better graphics un-neccessary, i liked it and had fun playing it and in the end thats all that matters.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

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3.40 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2006
5:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person