Aerial Siege 2

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"SHIFT" : Change weapon.
"SPACEBAR" : Shoot.
Directional keys : Move left/right and rotate up down.

Choose from a selection of 3 tanks and blast your way through the game to defeat the boss!

Version 1 was submitted for a flash games design competition.

Version 2: Some minor bugfix and gameplay fixes.

Version 3: Coming soon. 2 Years in the making. (Multi-player online)


Nice game-play, could be much improved...

Hey, this was pretty fun. The graphics weren't the best, but who cares. I enjoyed the gameplay (felt retro), and the sound got the job done.

If you could recreate this but with enhanced graphics, gameplay (maybe longer?), and intro, this could be one hell of a game!

Looks great, plays a little easy...

...but that's probably because I've only played the Rhino so far.

Only real complaints: Gameplay is a little slow, the boss is really easy, and it might be nice if the tank turned instead of just reversing.

Better explosions would be nice too, considering how well-done the other art is.

But a nice game. I'm just picky.

TylerProjects responds:

Well.. we had < 1 month to do it during the school holidays. And being our first attempt at flash games, it turned out alright. (ended as a rushed job)

But looking back, I guess we didnt considered much about the gameplay.. :P

Somewhat good game:)

It's a good game concept that can be improved of course.
Iwould suggest you to change tank's specifications regarding to Height. They would be a 3rd of the height you mention (to improve the specs which is a nice detail) and also, considering they're large tanks, well, increase the wieght of them as well.

Real tank guns shoot their rounds at very high speeds ranging fom 600 m/s to even more than 1.8km/s. This game uses a ballistic calculator of course so maybe you could try to escalate thuis in order to increase a bit realism. Also, low caliber guns have usually high reload speeds which range approximately between 200 rpm to even 500 rpm. Not to mention Gatlin type multibarrel guns like the Western 20mm Goalkeeper with 5,000-5,500 rpm or the Russian 30mm Kashtan which is around 6000 rpm. These values of course would make a game like this too easy and boring and would damage its style a bit, but you can take them as reference for to improve a bit shooting rate and precission.

One of the tanks looks deffinitely like an AAA system and also its caliber fits, I sugest you to give it a bigger reload rate.

And maybe you could add as upgrades different weapons like a Gatlin typed multibarrel gun which would expend its ammo quickly, but could be very useful against a boss (considering the gameplay features).

A summary, increase a bit reload rates, make specs a bit more realistic :) (a tank 3m wide and 12m high would look like a giant armoured ad rather than a tank :P), add some more kind of upgrades and increase the ammo's speed :)

I must say you put a good effort on this, so keep up the good job :) There's always space for improvement.

TylerProjects responds:

Wow! Thats a lot of details I've never considered..
This was started as a project with 2 other friends, and my first experience with actionscript(but with prior exp. in other languages)

Maybe I'll work out the physics and see how it'll turn out...

It was alright

I think it could be improved a little bit. The shooting for instance, its too slow. It was pretty good though overall keep up the work.

TylerProjects responds:


I guess I really should increase the bullet speed..

But I wanted to differentiate the normal bullet from the super shot. :X


well yep...although the shooting was kinda slow...but it was good that the shots would shoot up then come down again...very nice...would be better if there was a storyline or something included...

TylerProjects responds:

Hmm... I guess I forgot about the storyline... :p

Hint: A powershot can be done if you press SHIFT to change weapon. This weapon is not affected by gravity!

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2006
5:38 AM EDT
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