A Simple Misunderstanding

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A very short cartoon I made. The title explains it fairly well. It took me forever to finish it because i kept getting side tracked with other things but i think it turned out pretty good~


Pretty funny

I thought the animation was a little rough(like, frame skipping or something) but I liked the "adventure" itself. Though, the confusion with donut and gonut didn't really make sense, I don't see the perverted undertone really.

haha super random

I loved it though =) The voices were good, and I love the nose grabbing =D Very entertaining

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Unfortunantly not all can apreciate humor as deeply and emotionly as we atheists can. Oh well, don't let the dims depress you. Keep up the great work:)

WigheadFilms responds:

here comes super_atheist to save the day

art wasn't bad, but just wasn't funny.

too bad, looks like a lot of work went into this, and it was still quite mediocre. the art is pretty good, it looks like whoever did the animation knows their way around flash, but it just wasn't funny at all. it was like, worse-than-flinstones not funny. i mean, come on, "i thought you said bee-Hive!" didn't someone realize that this wasn't funny at all?

WigheadFilms responds:

this cartoon is about my relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazerith, our Lord and Saviour.

Sort of...

Sort of 70's humor... Bleah!!! I'll give u a 2 only for the hard work.

WigheadFilms responds:


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3.26 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2006
2:22 AM EDT
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