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The Phantom Was Framed

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This flash was done in a comic book/ noir style. There are some word bubbles and passages to read. Just to let you know. I hope you enjoy it.

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Very Nice

Intriguing story and animation. I just wish that you would have expanded more. Maybe have shown David prove his innocence. Tell why Bert was murdered. Definitely a great set up for a story. I enjoyed the movie, just wish it would've gone further. Otherwise, great work.


I too though it to be The Phantom of the Opera. Though this was a good flash video!


Impressive.Espacially when "the butcher" sowed his mask to his face!Twisted......At first I thought it would be a Phantom of the Opera(the title and the mask).I am a tad disappointed that it wasn't but it still is very good.

Loved it

What can I say? Brilliant, I suppose.

The graphics werent the best, but they wernt bad either. So a 9 seems reasonable.

Brilliant storyline. Very creative.

I loved the music. All of it. So of course sound gets a 10.

There was murder, and a guy was fucking sewn on the face, so violence get a big 10 as well.

There was no intentional humor or interactivity, so the 0's there dont really mean anything.

Overall, it was a great movie.

((btw, when the hell are you gonna do vampire legends 2, mofo!?))

Neozac responds:

Hey, I'm glad you liked it. It's funny that you asked about Vampire Legends. Actually, I just started back on the series. I'm starting a flash that opens with the main character, Lucifer, finishing a journal at a bar. He then leaves it for a kid to read. The flash then will go back to his 1st journal entry of when he was turned into a vampire. I plan for it to be much better that what I've ever done. Thanks.

Good work

What can I say? I love noir. This was a good effort on your part and it showed.

I understand you were going for established names for the opening scene by using Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, except that by 1962, Coppola had only made two movies, Nebo Zovyot and The Playgirls and the Bellboy, which both did poorly. While Lucas had three years to go before directing (Look at Life '65) and seven before producing (The Rain People '69).

None of that really detracted from the peice, however. I would like to have seen more of the story, it seemed to go by very quickly and with few answers.

Neozac responds:

Thanks for the support, I'm glad you liked it.

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2006
1:42 AM EDT