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man wanted to spend some time alone


Really cool.

It was a very simple concept, but it was very funny. Each of the characters that visited the man each had a unique characteristic about them, I thought that was a good addition. I really liked the System of a Down, Green Day, and the Pokemon parts. The drunk guy was really funny, but he was disgusting beyond belief. What was that Zelda song you used in the credits, it was funny. The scenes you had during the credits were funny as well. Keep up the awesome work!


Well this is interesting, but does need some work, especialy in the graphiccs, also somewhat of some compression is also needed, but also much more time in this aswell, anyways nice try just work at it...

Some compression and much more detail on backrounds and main characters...

Entertaining and somewhat funny but needs some work...



Ah... you inane flashes are quite amusing really. Two white spheres a man does not make, my friend. I'm not a fan of the music either, but I wouldn't know if I wasn't because I lost interest halfway through. Incase you're wondering, I stopped watching. I'm not sure how the whole Pokemon thing fits in, but whatever flaots your boat.

P.S. I meant inane, not insane. Look it up before you start criticizing me.

Ahh...the critic strikes again.

WTF?! I got some stuff to tell you. First off, thats not a man thats a snowman or something. Second off, pokemon is OVER! Its been over. No reason to bring another gay thing back to this world. Third off, It made no damn sense what so ever. You lack common sense. My expectations are high, and i plan to keep them there, so if you expect to get a good review from me, lets try to keep it at at least an average.


Which Slipknot song WAS that 2-second clip of????

kerza responds:

part when pokeball laser gets in his eyes (get this)

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2.58 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2006
12:30 AM EDT
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