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Icons Ep 3

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after 5 months in the making. Kelly has dumped tree, and faces certain death. Meanwhile Tree tries to claim a new female lead role he is visited by an online doppelganger who has cause him great pain in visitor reviews. Will Tree manage to capture a new cast mate, with special guest, WATERMAN.

Its been tough work..but the longest episode yet. Ive overhauled everything graphics wise...so its much easier for expressions and backgrounds than it ever was..my computer crapped out on me mid way thro so i was strictly confined to my mac, so the sound suffered abit...but not horribly..

Special thanx to Bryan Waterman and Katie Dorr



Hey man, ive not been on AIM recently because my internet has been down for like 2 month and i get a free 20mb line for as long as its down when its back up.. WHICH WAS YESTERDAY WO!

But anyway great movie once again, made me laugh, oh and whilst the internet has been down i have been training my flash! Its alright atm. But it will get better! :D

Professor hootington!

Seen all 3 eps of icons now really funny I like it!
Keep it up

Not bad

It was like a long drawn out joke witch was funny so it wasn't too bad. Keep it up.


Pretty good

That was preeeeety good ya know. keep um cumin

"she didn't give u ne goodbye sex?"

"wat a bitch!"
Thats pretty clasic

You know what to do Professor Hootington!

Everything about this series is insta-classic.

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2006
7:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Original