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Raar and Ryk

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Author Comments


Well it's finally here. I've been working with this new film constantly since mid January. I hope you'll like it!
It's a whole new movie with RÃ¥r. Including new characters like Ryk the baby dragon and the Wise Monkey and lush newly composed music. And this time it has got a plot! I think (^_-)

As always in japanese with english subtitles. Narrated by Hiroko Kimura.


The japanese(Chinese, japanese, whatever) narrator

spoilt it a bit, since it took longer to read the story than I did...

As your other piece of work, 'Rar the baby lion' was so much for babies, this one surprised me. This was because of so many large words that such young people would probably not understand.

qeshi responds:

yeah I know. Iäm making a shorter one now.

well then you'll have to explain the words to the little folks so they learn something

well done

have you considered writing children's literature? I found it intriguing and amusing. Sort of reminds me of my childhood. I would rather be playing with the girls than the boys. Got me in good with the girls, that's for certain, but the boys didn't like it very much. Also reminds me of a book I read about a boy who wanted a doll instead of a "manly" thing like a baseball glove or football. Rated it a 4 on the side thing. Well animated. Keep it up.

qeshi responds:

Thanx m8! ^_^

of course I've considered writing childrens literature. But at the moment I think that Flash and the internet gives me the platform to do anything I want and don't have to bother about if a publisher likes or don't.

But sure maybe in the future ^__^


ive been a fan of raar for quite some time now.. and watching this flash pissed me off alittle if you go into a deeper meaning with what its teaching as values to childern (cross-dressing is bad. or men shouldnt like feminine things. in my option i find it perfectly fine.)..but then raar made a point on how it was just a ribbon and it shouldnt be made a big deal out of.

but the flash alone wins for being cute as a button!<3

qeshi responds:

Hey this review actually cheered me up a bit. Because you have totally interpreted it the other way around as I intended, which means that I’m not writing people on the nose what to think.

My idea was to have all these authorities that any kid would have to deal with if they broke the social norms of society. Like your wise grand father, your mother or the school yard bully. And then let Raar question these authorities.

But you have seemed to have taken the views of these authorities as my view. That I am propagating that cross-dressing is bad, which I’m not.

My intention with this movie was more to give the viewer the idea that one could untie the ribbon from it’s meaning as something naturally girlish. Like it doesn’t have to mean anything and could be appreciated for what it is.

I also tried to share the idea that little girls can smoke pipe too like men out of the 50’s. But I notice that this is totally lost and is more interpreted as she is smoking pot or something. I don’t have anything against this interpretation as long as it doesn’t rule out the original idea though. I think that the more interpretations the movie can give the better.

I’d like all you who are waiting for another episode of Raar and Ryk to know that I am working on a new script. I just have run into some troubles translating it though, but that would hopefully sort itself out eventually.

It’s going to be a bit more overtly political and appealing to those who like to use the internet in all the ways I do. (^__-)

Stepping out of the shadows to review once more.

Well, I've gotta say. I'm a fan now. I saw the original Raar when it first came out and enjoyed it greatly. Well, I was poking around my favorites and decided to check to see if anything new had come about from the artist and wouldn't you know, here we are.
Let me start by saying the animation, narration and music were all great as expected. I truly enjoy those points. But the real class of this piece, as with the others, is the style. It's not your typical american dribble. That's not to say I don't enjoy mindless violence and massive power shows, but we just don't have a nack for beauty in subtlety. I really enjoyed watching the animation and now that I have a high speed connection (for Raar I did not) I can really overlook the load time.
A story was deffinately more present this time and I think a moral may have even existed...if one was willing to extract it. I'm not going to go ahead and give my opinion on the meaning of the moral, I really think that's something for each person to figure out on their own, but there deffinately could be one there.
All in all, I enjoyed it and keep up the cute and awesome work.

qeshi responds:

thanks m8 for the long and insightful review!

I've started to work on a short prequel with Ryk. Don't know when it will be finished though.

a little slow-paced

to the former reviewer - if you dont like japanese animation, childrens stories, or anything of the like...
its purely category assasination, its not constructive at all and it makes you look like the retard

cutesy button stuff isnt my cup of tea either but it was a charming little tale with soft animation and music to go along with it, it was a little slow though because of the long narration and few actions - but it was simple and pure

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Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2006
10:33 AM EDT
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