anti strawberry_clock III

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wow i never thought that i would see my movies on the front page, i have decided to turn this into a series


Listen, we all know that strawberry clock sucks,

but leave the poor kid alone. hes had enough horrible experiences, lets not make him suffer more by adding inuslts. plus, SideshowMel is an incredibly worse animator than he. Why don't we focus on HIM for a while?

RaxaR responds:

well see strawmerry_cock has singled me out for some reason, so what better to do then insult him?

This is getting old

Enough with the insults. I agreee that I hate strawberry clock but I think he's fucking sick and tired of it and we seen too much. It's too old

RaxaR responds:

why the hell do you care if i make movies against him, stupid bitch


Your series has potential. I know of this "Clock Crew", and I support your cause 110%, but maybe you could make your movies more enjoyable to watch? I found Strawberry's voice was too annoying and there wasn't much animation involved. Sorry if you think I'm nagging. I'm done now. Hopefully, I'll see more Anti-Strawberry Clock from you. :) Peace.

That movie blew dog man!

I try to be fair in all reviews because people at least have put in the effort to create something and post it for our enjoyment... but that was truly horrible I did not even finish watching it, yet I fear that the whining nasal voice shall haunt me for the rest of my days.....I Hate You

Truely nerve racking

Do yourself a favor and dont bother to watch this shite. Its got one of the most annoying soundtracks Ive ever heard. Please if you have a high sensitivity to whiny ass bitch voices, avoid loading this animation. Other than that it sucks about as bad as any strawberry clock flash so consider yourself warned.

RaxaR responds:

did you ever stop to think that if you took that 6 ft. stick out of your ass and put it in your mouth none of us would have to listen to you bitch??

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2.58 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2001
5:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody