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anti strawberry_clock III

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wow i never thought that i would see my movies on the front page, i have decided to turn this into a series


Oh my sweet God...

That was even more horrible than some of strawberry_clock's movies. I don't like clock either, but for God's sake, make a halfway decent movie about it.

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I couldn't even watch it all the way through it was that stupid.

Not even worth watching

I am no fan of Strawberry clock and shitty flash, but this is just as bad raxar. I wasted time watching a screen that barely moved, listened to a boring speech, and I finally got so bored that I shut it off. Next one, make an assassination attempt at SC, or something that people would actually like to soo done in flash, not stupid speeches.

Pretty funny. I guess it's a decent Clock diss.

I've never actually even heard of the "Clock Crew" until people started making a big deal of them in the recent days, just Strawberry_Clock. But I'm VERY happy to know that they are getting the ruthless dissing that they deserve. Hahahahaha! Take that you... uh... faggots! (I'm not homophobic actually, just going with the crowd.) Bye! Oh, and the voice was really annoying but I guess that was the point.

waste of time

you guys are just as bad as the morons who started this. to think that your life is so insignificant that you can waste time to make fun of a FUCKING FRUIT on the internet is befuddling.

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Credits & Info

2.58 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2001
5:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody