Enemy Of The streets

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My first published flash. Hope you all enjoy it. Don't worry, the sequel is coming soon, with even more violence.



Great potential if reworked

To the Author: Great start; it has potential to be a great flash; of course if it was reworked to have better graphics, better animation, mor frames i think it would be great. The sound for his AK-47 was defenetly from an M60 as i fired one myself but that is not the most impotant. Like i said; if more time is put into to make a reworked version (of course if u planning 2 do 1) it would be a great potential to become one of Newgrounds better games. PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED BY MY SCORE because it does not include the story.


good effort, and lot of potential

well, there's some effort in this, but you need to put more thought to the story to make it worthwhile. However, for a first, this is by far the best I have seen, but you've obviosly spent a lot practicing and I like that. I would like to see some more by you, if you would do the following:

1. lipsync
2. give more thought to movements and animation (fight scenes in particular)
3. camera tricks (zoom in, etc.) and better sound fx

none of this is essential, your flash is great as is, but do this in conjunction with more honing of art skills and writing, and you'll be among the top artists on NG.

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An overall bad concept for this animation was what really made it below average. The graphics (animation) were average, nothing too flashy or interesting (it bothered me how they pulled guns out of nowhere...and the way they were constantly bouncing). The sound was awful, you would have to have your speakers up above normal to hear the..."dialogue" as well as the generic gunshot sounds (and music would have helped). The violence was decent, considering people were getting shot at random points. The other two (interactivity and humor) explain themselves.

Do not attempt a sequel. Instead, work harder on a single flash.


Wasn't that good...

Take this in, work on it some more:

1) Put more feeling into the voices, like the stuff is actually happening.
2) Try to animate the explosions, the walking, and the cars moving.
3) I like the style, the characters look sweet, but try to add lip sync, possibly some eye blinking. (Do that witha movie clip).

There you go,

In all this is good,but it could be better. This could become something great.

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Not very good

1. the voices were barely hearable.
2. the graphics need improving
3. there wasn't much of a story

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2.04 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2006
5:32 PM EDT
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