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The Last Wizard Part 1

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OMG!!! FRONT PG!! Thanks so much Tom! I really wasn't expecting that! Thanks again!

*ANNOUNCEMENT* This may be good news to some, bad news to others: I have decided not to make Part 2 of The Last Wizard. Instead, I will remake everything and fuse it as an entire game, with improved graphics, story and gameplay!

There Seems to be some confusion, after you kill the blob king you return to the wiseman and tell him press 'q' to toggle quality and 'm' to toggle music

Hi, I've been making this game for about a week, Dogzin helped with the story a bit, and he invented the evil sorceror, so thanks a lot Zin ^_^. took some time to do drawing and animation, but i think it turned out well! other than that, enjoy!



You guys gotta stop complaining
Whens the full version coming?
Oh i finished the game too it was easy.
The blob king was easy i made him sleep then killed him

Hoeloe responds:

Read the announcement. :D

The final version will be a long way off yet, and be practically unrecognisable.
In a good way, of course.


it wasn't that good of a game considering one hit you do 10 damage and the next hit does 0. wayy too random

Also, whatever happened to part 2? it has been a little over 3 years and you haven't made a part 2...

Hoeloe responds:

If you read the description, you'll know that I cancelled part two in order to make the whole series into one big game, which has far more complex development, and you can read a bit about on my page.

moves to slowly

I'll give you two stars for effort, but the game moves entirely too slowly, the money you make is redeclious, you have to kill like 40 thousand things to earn enough to buy the upgrades in order to fight the blob king sucessfully. If it were up to me, I'd double the money and XP you earn and youd have a pretty good game.


Really Bad (u do like 0-4 damage

Hoeloe responds:


And that makes it bad when you haven't levelled up because....?

It was a well thought out game.

Some improvements could be made. I would like to see an experience bar so that you would have to level up to use certain items and then you could use some of the experience points gained from leveling up to improve/buy more spells. And last thing i would like to see improved is if you buy a staff like an ice staff or a fire staff make it improve your fire or ice spells more.

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4.27 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2006
12:04 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG