The Last Wizard Part 1

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OMG!!! FRONT PG!! Thanks so much Tom! I really wasn't expecting that! Thanks again!

*ANNOUNCEMENT* This may be good news to some, bad news to others: I have decided not to make Part 2 of The Last Wizard. Instead, I will remake everything and fuse it as an entire game, with improved graphics, story and gameplay!

There Seems to be some confusion, after you kill the blob king you return to the wiseman and tell him press 'q' to toggle quality and 'm' to toggle music

Hi, I've been making this game for about a week, Dogzin helped with the story a bit, and he invented the evil sorceror, so thanks a lot Zin ^_^. took some time to do drawing and animation, but i think it turned out well! other than that, enjoy!


Key to destiny.

This game is awesome and magnificent. You will battle different kinds of creatures from blobs to dire wolves. If you have enough money, you can buy elemental scrolls in order to learn new attacks. But in order to pass the gate, obviously you have to get a late pass but you'll need higher money to buy it. You'll have to defeat the blob king but it will be hard for starters, but if your endurance is already high, you will be ready to defeat it. You'll need strong elements to defeat it. So give it your best shot!

Beautiful graphics

The game looks nice and a bit cutesy - I especially liked the part where the wizard throws away the potion bottle. But the gameplay gets a bit stale... not a lot of people would enjoy, say, killing the blobs over and over again to get 500 gold... and 750 more if you want the staff, too.


Low graphycs, not enough enemies. Only story was good


Nice game! It kept me occupied for quite a bit. ;D

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great game it's totaly awsome. just wondering when the full version will come out or whatever youre gonna call it.

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4.27 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2006
12:04 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG