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Mass Invasion ep0.5

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Mass Invasion episode 1, out VERY soon

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lol almost everyone said that and almost all the time u told them it was a trailer.

it was great. it almost sounded like lemon demon singing it.

ChrisTheFeral responds:

Nope, Dustball, he's a great singer, hey? I know, everybody was commenting, I guess people just don't read the important stuff that is highlighted in red these days :(, btw, you should see episode 1, coming out pretty soon, the animation and images are brilliant! I can send you a preview via email later on :)


if your gonna use music that has a story in it why would you not annimate that instead of a kid just layin on a couch? music has aliens and i assume the flash had aliens.... confusing. would have been better if u annimated the music.

ChrisTheFeral responds:

Thanks for your input, but did you actually read what it said on the toon, music out of sync, this is because its a teaser, it doesnt HAVE to be in sync, but when ep 1 comes out, that will be the intro music, it will be so much better than that, honestly, you won't beleive how much better its is going to be

Chris ;-)


Please Don't Submit INCOMPLETE THINGS.

I quite liked it..I gave you a 10 for style cus' i looovee alienzz.

Keep up the god work., Sync it and you should be doing good....


.....I voted 3 or 4 i cant remember

ChrisTheFeral responds:

you say you gave it a 10 but you gave it 7, lol, oh well. I only submitted this to thte portal as a teaser and so that people can tell me what to add to it/change. I submitted it in the NG mag, alphas section and I wasn't getting any suggestions and not many views, although its in the top 10. so yeah. Thanks for your input nonetheless


You broke the preloader -- when I loaded this submission, the sound wasn't even remotely synced with the action.

From what I understand about flash; it's possible to add "checkpoints" throughout the movie, to reduce desyncing even more; may be able to do this as well.

Smoothen up the action a little more, the animation was fairly jerky, which might not be all that bad a thing, if you can use it for humorous purposes -- there's a technique known as the "smear" where a pannel or two of a character being stretched out or speed blurred is put between the character standing in two positions. gives the impression that the character is moving extremely quickly.

Lastly, movie was incomplete. Finish it up, then submit it again.

ChrisTheFeral responds:

What do you mean a broke it?? the sound isnt ment to be in-sync, its a trailer, its going to be the muic for the intro

It's fine

I like the music which is the best part about the flash but the wooden movement of the characters somewhat made me want to close the window, it was fine until the shadow part came where i pretty much lost interest, the movie needs a little bit more movement and events, or rather without the long waits in between them, all and all it's fine but can use some real improvement.

ChrisTheFeral responds:

The shadow isn't actually a shaddow character, hes still being created. but yea, thanks for your input