Night of Fire Collab

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Author Comments

After 2 months of a lack of productivity, the Night of Fire Collab is finally done. Parts are done by Revrent, Squarehard, RexCo, Starberry, Roymaster, ZekeySpaceyLizard, Astropuff, TruffleClock and Yenig.

Night of Fire is a japanese song by Hinoi Team that is just incredible so a movie had to be made. Info for each author is available in the movie. I'd like to thank everyone for actually finishing (in one way or another).

OH and I would like to personally thank TwoStar, AEA2 and numbers!!!!!!!!

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A nice collab indeed.First of all it's a great idea for a collab, all the ideas are good too, the choices of music is good and the things flow nicely together. Keep it up!



The animation is better than most of the other crap on NG, BUT COULD BE BETTUR.

The Jap version is very annoying. U should have used the english version because it's in English... God's Language.

I love this song. Well, almost.

I wish I could've given you a 10. Why did I give you 9? Because you should've used the Dream version of the song. No offense, dream is just better.

Still, this was great. I'd like to see more japanese music videos. I have like, 45 songs in mind if you need ideas, lol.

Starberry responds:

i am very familiar with the dream version of this song, its beginning is present in many SS introductions, including many daily2oons and many of my random movies.

this collab took 2 months to make which not be so much compared to some that originate on the NG forums but it's a long time for the SS. the dream version is about a minute longer too and that would have meant me yelling at more people to get working!

anyway if you look at "daily2oon SE: Breadfruit", he did about 2 minutes of the dream song but he got lazy and ran out of time and only submit what he had done, but it's still pretty good.

aaahhahaha roymasters part was so awesome

everyone else was great too

Starberry responds:

hey your star day movie from last year is one of my favorites of all time :( i really need to get that SONG OMFG

F'n awesome.

^^Good Points^^
I thoroughly enjoyed watching this collab and really appreciate the work that you put into it for it is one of the best collabs I've seen on NG in a long while. Each part had a lot of effort put into it graphically and in terms of style. This made me laugh hella lots and the music was awesome. The menu was great with the scene select and the author bios.

^^Needs Improving^^
The only thing I didn't like was that if you picked a scene to play from the scene selection, you don't go back to the menu after that section. That would be a nice touch.

Starberry responds:

sorry the way i put the parts together would not allow that last thing you mentioned unless i was more knowledgeable in actionscript which i am not

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Apr 23, 2006
5:06 PM EDT
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