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SD 06: Death of P-Bot

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I can only hope and pray that all you hypocrits take the time to actually watch this cartoon before you vote. Alot of work DID go into this. I even went through the trouble of buying a new microphone. So please, watch. I think you will enjoy this silly thing. Happy Star Day!

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I was very impressed by this! The best part was probably at the very end when it did show the final battle. It was nicely animated. It was great to see all those statues of great artists. I'm subscribed to most of them! Don't worry, all those old Foamy cartoons have been deleted.

There are still new ones that are back though. I think you, ZSL, might be the most prolific cartoonist on this entire website. I'm not including organizations like the Star Syndicate obviously. This really did have its sincere moments. I'm glad it didn't get too obscene.

not the best flash out there...

i want the last part

who accualy saw the very end

there was a fight scene at the end and it was pretty cool.

Every will hate me for this but....

...DONT post somthing if its not DONE, ok? at LEAST make a to be continued screen.