Zombie Invasion 2

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BigBen 4 evah!!1


needed better biting

Some of the art itself was okay(mostly the zombies) but the biting didn't actually bite. The movie didn't have an ending, and the screaming, oh man don't remind me.

BruceCampbellClock responds:

HAHAH, this movie was all about the screaming, thats the whole point. altho i kindof regret not animating the biting sequence better now.

i wish there were negitive numbers...

that was a waste of time
it had no point
was not funny in the least
and the sound was retarded

BruceCampbellClock responds:

hmm, you know you could have voted zero if it realy was that bad :p

hum this is bad

I dont think your movie will survive too long sound ae really loud, not funny, and i think theres too much of zombie movie you should think about another thing.

BruceCampbellClock responds:

"Its alive its alive, now i know how it feels to be god" victor von frankenstein.

Better graphics next time, please

It looked like the dude was just standing there for no reason, while the zombie was tenderly nibbling his shoulder. Actulaly it didn't even look like they were close. Next time better animation, more gore, longer.

BruceCampbellClock responds:

its a sensual romantic comedy, not a horror movie >:(

It was...

short, but cool. The credits came up too slowly, though.

BruceCampbellClock responds:

heh, i wanted them to come realy slow so that it would be like the last scene.

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2.75 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2006
11:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Original