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MA: Training Zone

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Mechanical Assassin does some V.R. Training. This is a spin-off sequal for 'Mechanical Assassin' which you may like to watch. I'd love this and the original to go into the 'robots' and 'madness' categories.

So this isn't a full sequal, but expect one.

~SF & GF~

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great one

that was a pretty sweet animation. excellent graphics, super action and it was a major blast to watch. the only thing that was missing from this animation, (in my eyes) is a portal award. other than that, this animation had it all.
good work on this one, i really liked this one.

Hey nice job!

I like how you took madness and did a different style with it. The graphics of the robots were good, and the animation was nice and smooth.


Damn good. As good, if not better than, Madness. I like the terminator-esque beginning. It's well done. A bit of sound for the killing would be better. I'd also like to see this in 100% first person.



Good rough idea; but we've all seen loads of these kinds of movies (madness remix yadda yadda yadda), and this wasn't even a particularly well executed version.

Coulda been longer, coulda had more interesting combat dynamics, coulda had some semblence of a plot, coulda had more entertaining gore, the boss fights were anticlimatic, and your bum smells like poo.

Not so sure about that last bit; but wouldn't surprise me.

Anyhow, please continue making flash movies; you show promise, pnly if you intend to also put more effort, time, and at least the inklings of something resembling an original, clever idea in your work.

Neds a plot, realy bad

Yeah, just give the littel robot dude a REASON to kill and it would be great. Some voice overs would make it perfect. by the way, Tetris remix, kicks ass. Keep up the good work.

SamuriFerret responds:

It's a training program, as it says at the beggining, what more reason do you need?