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Yiddish Band

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Fanthingie for LazyMuffin, check out his stuff at: LazyMuffin.deviantart.com

(His nick on NG is Lazy Boy, he's the author of the Nameless-series)

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"We brought peace upon you"

This is a pretty nice movie, especially because of the fact that you have dedicated this movie to one of Ng's greatest artists, Lazy Boy. Firstly, the graphics were pretty nice, you have imitated LazyStick's graphics pretty nicely, although there is need for some improvement in the proportion of the charecters. Also, the background wasn't that alike LazyMuffin's background. I also think the guitar could have been improved. Secondly, the style of the movie was nice, not much of place to put it, but it was still pretty nice. Thirdly, the sound was pretty good, Hebrew though, not Yiddish, and the meaning of the words is in the title of my review. However, if you wanted to bring this song, you could have chosen a performence of the same song which has more beat and rhythem. Fourthly, the movie was very, very short, and barely had any animation at all. I liked your addition of the Israeli national anthom though. If I may ask, what is your connection to Israel? Or is it just because Yotam perel is Israeli? Anyway, very nice movie, good job.

Harregarre responds:

That's one hell of a review. :P I agree with all your points and I'm still a beginner so I need to learn more stuff by making new movies and hopefully one day I'll be good. :P

I have no actual connection to Israel, I think. (Or my ancesters must have been from Israel, but I don't think so. ;)) But Israel just has some kind of 'thing' to it, and I really like all the different cultures, civilizations and stuff in the world. Hmm and I always liked Klezmer-music... ;) I think it started when I was a kid. I saw this movie, Fiddler on the roof I think, and there was this one song that just stuck in my head. (Something like: If I were a richman...If I were a wealthy man, wouldn't have to work hard...)

Thanks for the constructive criticism! :)



Glad to see Israel Flags! the place I live in!


I liked to hear the Tikva in the End.


Harregarre responds:

Thankies. :P

jews rule

yeah jews! that was awesome. i guess he was righ tabout the violin but who cares! shalom alechem rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harregarre responds:

Thanks. :)

Short, but not bad

but most violins are played with the right hand guiding the bow, and the left fingering the strings. some violinists play theirs as shown by your animation, but it's extremely unusual; and very expensive to have a violin refit with the strings reversed.

Harregarre responds:

I honestly have to admit that I know nothing about violins except that I like the sound of them. (--Re-enacts how to play the violin-- "Hmm, I guess you're right, it feels unnatural to have the right hand finger the strings. I'll keep that in mind when I animate a violinist next time. Thanks. :))

ha, that was halirous!

i loved it man! loved the expressions on their faces! ha, killer animation man!

Harregarre responds:

Glad you liked it. ;)

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3.44 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2006
10:45 AM EDT