Peril in Space

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Hi! This submission is one of my more complicated ones, with lots of nice actionscript that is truthfully, out of tuts. But they're tuts that are irrelavent to this game, and are ones i've come across and put aside for later, such as the slowing down as it nears a boundry, and the random code for the enemies. Actually the random code wasn't ment to make the enemies all jittery like that, but I think it's good. Sorry about the lack of sound, theres alot of conflict between codes as they're all from different aspects, but hopefully the background loop will keep you entertained. I hope you all enjoy, and I look forward to making many more!!!

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Needs Work

There are some things you should add to this.
Such as levels, ways of winning, live gaining, diffrent difficultys and so forth. Good start though.


1. Upgrades
2. Lvls (Backgrounds)
3. A plot
4. Sounds
5. Different music
6. more enemies
7. bosses
8. ingame instructions

Fix all 8 things and it could become a hit :D

nothing new at all...

a well known concept... not toooooo bad at all, but i was bored pretty fast since constantly moving from the left to the right and back while firing does the whole trick... well, a little boring so but still not tooooo bad (am i redundant?!?)...

Been done, and at a much higher standard.

It got old, quickly. I didn't see anything different from when I killed myself in bordum to when I started. Just plain dull. Try adding some power ups or some more relevant sounds.


add explotion to the enemies and this is a great game

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2006
6:17 AM EDT
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