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this is a joke i got off of the internet, it is supposed to be the "worlds funniest joke". its my first flash, i hope you like it.:D i am Bored, bored, bored, bored, boredey bored bored bored!


very good

i liked it, nice graphics and all, not that big flash of the year, but keep it up, one day u will have "the greatest flash of the year award on the field of entertainment awards day to the badmobile" thingy....euhm yeah thats right.

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Great work on the flash animation, the sound was alright and the joke was funny, well done.

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I heard this one before...

Even still, it's good. I just wished I didn't hear this one though..

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Nice one!

Job Well done for a first timer....but its too big don’t you think? Here’s some suggestion try converting the mp3 you used to wav then import it back to your flash and replace the mp3 with Wav it should at least decrease the size a bit and don’t set it to start, try stream.. Any ways keep up the good work...

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First try!

This is very good for a first flash.

Just add a preloader. There's loads of tutorials for 'em in the NG.

And it's 5 megs?! You didn't compress it, though. The ending music was probably 128kbps or so. What it should be is 56kbps MAXIMUM.

I know it'll sound shit, but it's supposed to. I probably loaded this flash longer than it played. And that's not supposed to.

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YellowPudding responds:

okay, ill fix that some time when its not 2:00 in the morning :D

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3.15 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2006
3:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Original