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Star Day 06: TruffleClock

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i put together parts from different collabs and /

STAR DAY!!!!!!!!!!saaaaaaaaassdffc

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Star day

A title that takes me back and well it was notbad some fun activities seems like it could have had more impact in the story as it gets stale for a bit



I did like that start of the submission it had nice and simple graphics, smooth animation and a good idea all around, but the rest didin't seem to bask in the glory. The rest seemed rushed, and dull and it really didin't entertain me in this one. Meh.


One of the best tributes this year, good mixture of small ideas and pieces, heh. Looking great, keep up the good work!


dear dicwasd

the loader - oh my god i am the loader?

world war 5 - this reminds me of when i watched that movie

night of fire - this reminds me of myself yelling at you to finish this movie, then of me watching this part and eventually me watching the whole movie

small circle - this reminds me of when you sent this to me, when you sent it to me again and then when i finally watched it with the rest of the small circle jerk.

Not bad

^^Good Points^^
The graphics in this for the most part were very good. The shading and effects you used were top knotch, though the graphics were brought down by some unprofessional parts of the movie. The first part of this seemed interesting, but then it just ended without anything happening. I liked the music in the second part.

^^Needs Improving^^
A menu would have been nice, dividing the three sections. These also didn't follow a great storyline, though I know you had to just submit them for star day.