Star Day: Fat Badger

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Happy starday everyone, here is my entry. Flash 8 only k. Flash lags, watch it on medium. OMG free protection point you better take it.

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another Star Day Movie, great job guYz Weeee


Another great Star Day tribute! Great graphics, great concept, great animation. Keep it up!


in a world we call our home there's lots of room

do you know what a duracell is?

oh boy if there ever was a fake movie trailer not named dailytoon 200 that ever needed to be finish this would be it?


^^Good Points^^
This was an excellent movie. The music was very intense and is the reason why the title of this review is "Epic...". The music just makes the flash much more intense and fun to watch. The drawings were all very good and very well animated. The storyline was very funny and the script was very funny as well, nice speakonia usage. I also liked the credits screen, and that is when you know a movie is good, when you even enjoy watching the credits.

^^Needs Improving^^
Sequel, now. I must know what happens.

FatBadger responds:

square gets raped in the shower, bajur and everyone else gets high and forgets about him, teh end.


I'm not reviewing this as in fan of any Clock, Glock, or Star groups, personally. I actually hate those groups for massvoting stuff like 'B' in the portal, which only requires the lowest ability in Flash and a typebar.

But stuff like this that keeps shape in the group is good, mainly because its funny and doesn't need 1000 people to 5 it to pass judgement.


Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2006
12:39 AM EDT
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