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Edit: Wow O.o Front page! Thanks to everyone for their kind reviews and suggestions. I'd like to make this game bigger and better, and your ideas are what make it happen. Keep em comin'!

Hello all. It's been a while since i've submitted a game. Been so busy with school and stuff that I kinda lost track of how much I love making games.

Anyway, criticism is welcome. Hope you enjoy!

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Very good!!

This game is so simple...yet FUN!!


yeah definately think there should be pause anddddd also levels. love it tho

Thank you

i realy liked this game it got me un bored i just have a few tips:

1. there should be a pause button

2. there should be levels

3.and lastly how is this a puzzle?!?


This is a very unique game, and i like the fact that u need skill as well as luck. However, it does get kinda repetive after a while, and although the graphics were funky, i didn't play for very long. Overall: Great!

this could be kinda hypnotic

I played this a twice. When it got front page, I played it for a while, but got kinda bored. This time I again started it up and got bored. Then I kinda started messing about and lost.

I normally don't review games unless I've played them for longer, but as you asked for a review...

++++ I like how you have seemingly randomised types of fireworks. Different colours and different patterns.

++++ I also like how the fireworks become more spectacular for 'better' clicks.

--- I think some of the perfects should have been more spectacular though - all of them should have had secondary blasts I feel. Currently, some 'great's have more aural resonance than a 'perfect'.

+++ I like the risk/reward aspect of the main gameplay. The fact that we can't see exactly when it turns 'perfect' actually makes the game kinda more interesting in a way, kinda 'tempting' you to wait longer to ensure a perfect.

----- I think the game lasts too long and doesn't really offer enough variation. I think maybe we should only have one or two lives and maybe the speed should accelerate faster. Maybe you could start having some fireworks, with rings of a different colour to distinguish them, that need to go off closer to the bottom, or closer to the top. Maybe the option of a 'harder' difficulty level with fewer lives for a shorter and more 'tense' game?

I think with some modifications, this could be kinda hypnotic. I personally found the high number of lives and simple graphics (nice but maybe some texture would add?) contributed to me never really getting into it.

It seems like an accomplished game in some regards, but it brought me little pleasure.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2006
12:38 PM EDT