Morphemon Duelists Ep.1

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This is *counts in head* about a year of work to make this 20 minute animation. Thanks to all my voice actors, testers, friends and Tom Fulp for allowing me to put it on Newgrounds. There's also a game in there for 56kers like me (or if you like Morphemon enough to play it even though it was made with the intention of annoying you to death). Morphing Electronic Monsters heart you.

Controls for the game: Arrows, A, S, Enter



did you here what the kid say during the flash back "im playing with my truck.i dont give a fuck" over n over lol

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the game sucks

i fuckin love the eps the game was 1. too hard 2. theres no were to heal ur morphemon 3. black ovals were people are

Which toy store do I go to?!?

I want a meta-vee t-shirt! Oh yeah, and the game is pretty funny too(if not annoying)

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It's Renamon-S3 again.

Teleportation... Fun stuff.
I'm glad I checked back up on this stuff. You did good, and you did me proud!

Really though, nice job. I may even give you money. (That depends on the response to this review.)

Yeah. I got your attention.

I enjoyed your first movie a while back, and I enjoyed the rest just the same. Good to know that there is a Digi fan who doesn't suck at life, other than myself.

Too bad I didn't check the rest of 'em out sooner, because I could have drawn/bought a T-shirt for the 5th part.

Go and make your realistic career goal a reality!

I have 3,412 characters remaining... But I guess i'm out of things to say. Good luck with whatever you do.

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this IS funny, no doubt about it

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2006
1:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original