MGS: TAS Episode 3

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Hahaha... Sorry about the 5 month wait guys, I managed to find a social life!! WOW! So yes. This is kinda short, we'll try and make them a bit longer for you. It helps if you understand the plot, so like, watch the previous 2 episodes or just try to remember the plot to the original Metal Gear Solid game, though we did miss out quite a bit.
Two very small Easter Eggs in this episode (and Raven's line isn't a hint). Sorry about some of the sounds being... Weird, I fixed as much as I could.
There's more I should type here, but I guess I've forgotten it.
I'll see you soon!
Don't forget to check out my art galleries if you like my art style or whatever.



:D really good, when r u makin the 4th?plz let it be soon!

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best one to date!

oh btw, i love your choice of music on these =D BCR is the greatest bands ever! =D

*cough* try some aquabats

bvhj responds:

I don't know where I could put the Aquabats! in, apart from the credits, but I've already used them there. But I was thinking FIF, who I've already used too. So, we'll see.


cool, another good episode....

good mgs spoof

Its a good spoof for sure, I found it quite funny. I like how you actually stick sorta close to the original story and then make fun of things. Some people will just jump from one scene to almost the end and then back again its alittle confusing but im glad to see you stuck with the storyline good all around job, these flashes are ment to make you laugh not be ground breaking people are taking things just alittle to serious I see from reading the other reviews, just chill and enjoy some good humor.

bad sod

That was not as funny as i was wanting it to be. i was so dissapointed in it. its just poor and theres nothing really to laugh at but keep trying.

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3.75 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2006
12:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody