MGS: TAS Episode 3

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Hahaha... Sorry about the 5 month wait guys, I managed to find a social life!! WOW! So yes. This is kinda short, we'll try and make them a bit longer for you. It helps if you understand the plot, so like, watch the previous 2 episodes or just try to remember the plot to the original Metal Gear Solid game, though we did miss out quite a bit.
Two very small Easter Eggs in this episode (and Raven's line isn't a hint). Sorry about some of the sounds being... Weird, I fixed as much as I could.
There's more I should type here, but I guess I've forgotten it.
I'll see you soon!
Don't forget to check out my art galleries if you like my art style or whatever.


look out for the mimes!

ounce again u guys enpress me with these flashes. pls make more and put more interactivity and more lines like "metal gear" back from the first mgs.

bvhj responds:

I have no idea what you mean by "more interactivity"... But I was thinking about some thing where if you click something you get different outcomes, if that's what you meant.


I loved the 3 episodes and my favourite line "DAWG!! DAWG!!! DAWG!!! DAWG!!!!!!!!!!" i give it a 10!


As an old Metal Gear player I must give this a top score. The graphics could've been better, but they sort of fits right in. Looking forward to the next part.

great flash and series at that

me and my friend laughed for quite some time over it but still you were nasty to me on m.s.n... but heck it was still very very funny. nice series lee :D

bvhj responds:

you're not that idiotic 5 year old, are you?
i dislike you.


I decided I'd watch the first two again before I watched the 3rd and id completly forgotten how hilarious they were, and now with the addition of a third its all the funnier. I hope to see a 4th in less then 5 months, but take your time ;) anyway I cant really give much critism you know what your doing, good job is all. Im really really looking forward to your next flash.

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Apr 21, 2006
12:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody