MGS: TAS Episode 3

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Hahaha... Sorry about the 5 month wait guys, I managed to find a social life!! WOW! So yes. This is kinda short, we'll try and make them a bit longer for you. It helps if you understand the plot, so like, watch the previous 2 episodes or just try to remember the plot to the original Metal Gear Solid game, though we did miss out quite a bit.
Two very small Easter Eggs in this episode (and Raven's line isn't a hint). Sorry about some of the sounds being... Weird, I fixed as much as I could.
There's more I should type here, but I guess I've forgotten it.
I'll see you soon!
Don't forget to check out my art galleries if you like my art style or whatever.



I LOVE IT!Can you tell me when u are makeing epasode 4?

bvhj responds:

Yeah, as "FlameAdder" (the reviewer after you) pointed out, episode 4 is already out, you should be able to get to it if you just click the drop down box where it says "other submissions by bvhj" or something.

or if it was a typo and you meant episode 5, im afraid i cant give you a release date, but it wont be around any time soon.

He aint a smartass this guy is good.

yeah great about the movie mate.
the last reviewer is a rite gay twat
that is all

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bvhj responds:

you dont know the half of it, he's been bugging me for a while.
but it's okay because he's an idiot, so he's not much trouble.

OK man PLEASe stop

You seriously need to start changing your jokes and -- Your attittude. I've read your replies and your are a COMPLETE smartass. Look at yourself. The animation isnt but, The lines are just too thin and you need more wacky colours. Get a better mic, and get someone with a cool voice. You should Never give yourself a wacky voice. It completely kills it. Even though you shouldn't do this because it would be copying off 'better' flashes, it needs to change to a manga style. but too late you've already submitted 4 TAS flashes.
BTW. Your reply to episode 1: "Im the creator so don't call me the creator." Umm that doesn't make any sense. And yes your TAS flashes are overrated and you have no right to beleive i'm unintelligent. You don't know my IQ. I don't touch upon crap animation because, Look at the animation in Metal Gear Awesome, its bad but that Flash is the funniest i've ever seen. You just suck at making it that -- Funny low quality wacky manga style. I dont type "you" because im not talking to "You" It's a fucking review. In reviews you arent talking to the creator. Plz stop making these Flashes because it frustrates me how anyone can like them.

bvhj responds:

im not a smartass, it's just easy to prove stupid people wrong.
my style isnt wacky colours, and why would i use wacky colours for a place which is supposed to be depressing and dingy? that's why most of the colours are GREY.
i agree, i do need a better mic.
it's a comedy, why would i use a deadly serious voice? wacky voices work well in COMEDIES when things arent supposed to be taken seriously.
manga style? what the fuck? you CANT be serious!! this is animated in MY style, why would i change to one of the most over used art styles in the world? it'd totally ruin it and make the series look like absolute shit, which in your opinion it does already.
manga? what the fuck? you've really just put yourself in a deeper hole, you tried to flame me using private messages and failed, and here you are again telling me to draw in a shitty style of 'art' good going!!
you say i shouldnt do the voice acting how i want to because it's "copying off 'better' flashes" and then tell me to copy Metal Gear Awesome? clever.
also, apparently you don't even know your IQ considering you sent me a PM thinking you're better than me and telling me how your IQ is so huge for your age and then contradicted what you were saying! O DURRR!
if you WERE so smart, you wouldnt watch my flashes just to complain about them and make a fool out of yourself.

<3 I love these! <3

Can't wait for more! ^_^

i wish the numbers could go higher

this was great i think that this is my favourite thing on newgrounds its funny it got action its got everything a great series needs i just cant find the easter eggs in the first and third one can anyone help me out

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Apr 21, 2006
12:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody