MGS: TAS Episode 3

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Hahaha... Sorry about the 5 month wait guys, I managed to find a social life!! WOW! So yes. This is kinda short, we'll try and make them a bit longer for you. It helps if you understand the plot, so like, watch the previous 2 episodes or just try to remember the plot to the original Metal Gear Solid game, though we did miss out quite a bit.
Two very small Easter Eggs in this episode (and Raven's line isn't a hint). Sorry about some of the sounds being... Weird, I fixed as much as I could.
There's more I should type here, but I guess I've forgotten it.
I'll see you soon!
Don't forget to check out my art galleries if you like my art style or whatever.


nice one

should i say nice 1 again ???

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bvhj responds:


Stupid... but in a good way!!

this is a very stupid flash but its one of those "its stupid in a brill way" sort of flash.
very good idea and i really liked your codec beep on this one. i could only find your g unit easter egg but im still searching for the other one!
so pretty much, in a word PERFECTO!!!! looking forward to part 5 if you decide to make it!

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bvhj responds:

we are making number 5, but just not any time soon


Good work here

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man its amazing but just one thing... make the graphics of the actual thing better not just the call parts but the whole thing, I know its hard but it would improve ur cartoon

A year later I write a review.

I watched this the day it came out, and laughed my fucking ass off. I still laugh every time I watch this, and the ones before it. The thing that got me the most was the comment about Tom Cruise, and how recent the news related to it was when this was released. And also Snake's arm in the 'I FOUND YOU!" scene. Funny shit.

And, hey, guy before me. Pay attention. Part 4 is ALREADY OUT.

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Apr 21, 2006
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