Freerun: Go-Man, Scene 1

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The long overdue follow-up to my last submission:
.:The Dream:.

For site resrtictions, I had to optimize this file down to under 5MB, for the higher resolution version of this animation, go to:

This piece is actually the opening title sequence for a full 30 minute short, featuring The Go-Man. Rest assured, the wheels are already in motion and there will be more submissions soon... and you won't have to wait another 3 years for it!

:: EDIT ::
3 Years has gone by and I do apologize for those who have eagerly awaited another animation. The story itself is still something very close to me, but life being what it is and circumstances being what they are, I have found myself at a point where I work on the story in a different capacity, right now... in writing. I hope you have enjoyed watching this animation and I hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I have making it. And when the next animation arises, I hope you will enjoy it then as well.

Thank you for your support,


Can someone tell me why this is in the Top 50?

I just flat-out wasn't impressed by this. It was too flashy, especially since there was no subtext.

"I'm a man who does not know his past and I say stuff like, 'Life is a mystery, except nothing is solved when it ends...'" This kind of story has been driven into the ground. It can still work, if it's done the right way, and this just wasn't the right way.

I can honestly understand why you call him Go-Man. All he does is run and jump. Graphic designers had that action sequence pegged in the 1980's.

I'm sure this took some time and hard work, but you've got all this talent and not using it to its full potential. I would've been much more accepting had there at least been one punch thrown. I'm sure you guys know just as much about Go-Man as he knows himself.

Prove my assumptions wrong by continuing the series and for god sakes, come up with a fucking plot.

Wow, that was just....

If I wanted to hear a cheesy ass begining like that one, i'd watch Bat man or the Hulk.
I didint watch it all the way through just cause the begining was so terrible.

Nice Graphics though.

I think flash previews are over rated

Ok, so the graphics were nicely done you have talent in that department. The music was fitting too, the sound clips however might be relavent to the story but deff were not "deep thoughts" as it seemed you were trying to sell them off as.

Basically if you have a sweet idea for a flash movie make the movie and release the movie cause I've seen 100 previews for flash movies and I cant think of a single one that actually had the movie follow-up. So if you do get around to making the movie, I'm sure it will be sweet.

one 'steaming' pile of disappointment... >.<

hehe... alot of people are pretty friggin disappointed that this is all you had to show after a few years or so. I can't really blame ya since I'm pretty much a procrastinator myself. This isn't a 'realistic free run if the guy doesnt roll into it after a particularly high fall... and how is he going to roll with those things on his back? It reminds me of one of the baddies that I had to deal with in a bungie game called Oni. If it really is based off of that, why so? If you are still goin with the series which I doubt, are you are pretty set with the character design of your main dude?I would love to suggest another character with a fighting style based off of a manga series 'Battle Angel Alita' or an Anime called 'Guyver'. I'd say it fits perfectly well in the world you are trying to create. If you are just going to leave this series hangin, forget about it... Sell your intellectual property to another developer who isn't afraid to take it somewhere from where you left off... pussy...


nice intro i guess.. the effects werent that impressive.. but the animation was good, the blurring in and out seemed pretty stupid after the third time, seriously. it isnt THAT cool. get over the blur effect, anyways. all this is is a intro, its not even a start its just the theme song before the commercial before the episode starts, its the most unneccesary part about teling a story, who the fuck hums a theme song before they tell a ghost story or something that happened to them. so, no begining no plot building no climax no conclusion? just a fucking theme song, so i gues thats 1 out of 5 which is what i'l be voting every time i look up and see this on the top 50

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