Freerun: Go-Man, Scene 1

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The long overdue follow-up to my last submission:
.:The Dream:.

For site resrtictions, I had to optimize this file down to under 5MB, for the higher resolution version of this animation, go to:

This piece is actually the opening title sequence for a full 30 minute short, featuring The Go-Man. Rest assured, the wheels are already in motion and there will be more submissions soon... and you won't have to wait another 3 years for it!

:: EDIT ::
3 Years has gone by and I do apologize for those who have eagerly awaited another animation. The story itself is still something very close to me, but life being what it is and circumstances being what they are, I have found myself at a point where I work on the story in a different capacity, right now... in writing. I hope you have enjoyed watching this animation and I hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I have making it. And when the next animation arises, I hope you will enjoy it then as well.

Thank you for your support,



I love the style of animation in this, very detailed, smooth, the scenery is great, the characters are great, everything is great. Good plot too, and a great choice of audio. I can't find any flaws at all, it's truly a masterpiece, keep up the great work!


nicely done

nice flash, but instead of shouting my head off like an idiot about how good it is in 2 words, ill give you some things to look at.

in the first part, i really liked the flash, nice effects there, but the music was too loud, you should put that down. its the voice you want to hear, because that is telling the/an story. the music comes later on.

its cool if you can do 3d, but it doesn't fit this animation, it just doesn't mix with eachother, not this way. the part that he is running building to building, some parts i just hated that you used that background. it doesn't match.

some guy sad it before, the characters look generic, keep in mind that it is the main character's story you'r telling, so he's allways in vieuw. make sure you make an art of him and the other main characters. that sure would pump it up!

maybe the story doen't seen very new, but its only the beginning, thats the nice thing of it al, you always can do something different:) its your work, people who think they know the story allready... yeah, we'll see when its done:)

well, thats for now, i nice flash, but if you look into a few points it could be better. good luck!

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Well done.

The graphics and animation are incredibly well done. The voice acting sounds really good too. However, Go-Man is one of the stupidest fuckin' names I've ever heard of.

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Cool Teaser

It's a nice teaser. I really hope that it turns out as a good series because right now the best action flashes i've seen are Prowlies at the River - with it's smooth and super fluent animation - Ninjai - With it's great story and engaging action.

The voice acting is neat as well but as i was watching seeing the guy with the ninja mask had me routing for him more..i'm a sucker for ninjas and guys who look like Snake eyes - what a twist it would be if you had go-man killed in the first episode lol

Pretty sweet

I liked it. Quite a bit, actually. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story. You deserve credit for the originality.

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Apr 21, 2006
10:36 AM EDT
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