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Clayground - Escapology

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Author Comments

The fourth episode of Clayground. Johnny is trying to do a trick live on tv that he has never done before.
Blak Tornado 2006

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(( IT WAS OK ))

Well notbad its kinda neat, could use some better quality sound and or music, but as it being clay it was ok, i sorta liked it, you may want to reduce the filesize abit, but i understand how it can be with this kinda flash, anyways nice job.

Reduce the file size so that it doesnt take loads of time to download, look for areas to compress, maybe the intense graphics or the audio needs to be cut, but whatever the case try and compress it...

A decent clay-mation that could use some improving, nice job.


BlakTornado responds:

Thanks :)

P.S your review told me exactly what a review should tell me! Kudos to you!

Well what can I say...

I mean lol, ok I have always been a fan of Clay works, Mostly becuase of the time it takes to make one but, Dude lol do you think this was good when you finished it? Ya see, Most people hate the clay stuff so that is why I am so critical on these movies. You don't just have you rep on the line, it is everyone who makes these movies as well. If you don't believe me on this: Post a forum message sayin "who likes claymation?" trust me it will be a lopsided to the "I hate it"

Although I have not posted any claymation on NG I have done work in my life with it and let me tell you, i had one bad work, and after the reposts I got, I made sure no more after that sucked. You really have to hit the "Funny" hard with clay, it is very hard to do anything else work well, with it.

Problems with the movie, Crappy sound, Weak story (well sorta weak) and the jokes were rather flat.

3 out of 10 for atleast tryin and failin. God life

BlakTornado responds:

This is probably my worst claymation ever... I thought that as soon as i made it... oh well, everything has a rubbish episode (well, alot of things anyway...) I dont think Ive really wrecked the image of claymators with this submission though... i mean, sheesh... type in 'Claymation' or something similair into the NG search engine and you will find some true rubbish submissions... but anyway, yeah, this movie sucks... even i think that and i am its creator!


Problems With This Flash.

1. Moving thing in background
2. Moving person in background
3. NOT FUNNY!!!!
4.Bad characters
5.You Showed The PC Screen


BlakTornado responds:

problems with your reveiw:

1. your trying to get back at me because i said your movie was boring - which it is. Dont cry because its true. You need better humor in yours and stop being a kid about it.
2. whats the point in reveiwing it? you didnt even mention anything I didnt know!
3. I wasnt that negetive towards you! you just cant admit that people wont like your movies.

Now to answer your points (which suck):

1. I know its called making mistakes. Im only human.
2. Yeah, its happens
3. Makes it the same as your movies then, doesnt it?
4. Better than yours - at least mine are actually my own characters and not a rip off of someone elses
5. loads of people do - it makes people know its a bunch of claymen who get up to stuff when the people are gone... yeah?

Whats all the excessive 'no's about? You dont have to be that childish... i know ur only 11 but sheesh! My little brother more mature than u and hes seven...

i dont hate you I just dislike the fact that you cant take it when people dont like your movies. Its nothing personal but not everyone will like them! Learn to live with it!

Lets see here

You seem fairly new to flash and claymations. I'll go easy on you for being new. Here's a few things that you should improve on.

1. Get some more actors for voices, and do them a little better.
2. Get a few more sound effects.
3. Try a bit harder at the humor.
4. Turn off the fan in the background if possible, it was hard to hear them.

Otherwise you did fairly good, the claymen weren't sloppy, they were done well. This is a fairly good first flash.

BlakTornado responds:

heres some explanations:

1. I normally record the voices and stuff at inconvenient times for my friends to come round, or i record the voices as soon as Ive finished filming. In my feature length im making, i am using other people.
2. okey dokey. I just dont remember about them and try to make them myself (which is a bad idea)
3. I will try harder - not saying i will lol :P this one is one of my duff episode things (i mean, every series has its odd duff episode) and it wasnt really meant to be that funny. I dont make my movies specifically funny so people laugh out loud, I let people tell me what they are.
4. im sorry but my computer is too loud :-( i have thought of trying to sound-proof it but i think it would overheat. I dont like it either!

Thanks for the reveiw :-)


i see you're a new flash artist. you are good. i like your movies. keep going

Credits & Info

2.29 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2006
7:48 AM EDT