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Have you had problems with Ninja School, wearing Black or Managing to pull off an assasination? pay attension to this Commercial then it might help.

Actually this submission will only be my second to Newgrounds and was all done in about 4 hours of thinking and doing. this commercial started as a project for health Class so being i had very little time to do it, it isn't very well animated. but chuckle a little cuz thats all its meant to to make you do.



LOL This was a neat parody of an add, i like the ninja characters but you could have given to them abit more detail though but still a funny add, nice work, you should make more of these, anyways nice flash.

Improved details on the characters like more animation from them.

A funny add of something for ninjas, it will make you laugh abit, nice job.


You didn't tell me!

I didn't know this was on here. Not bad, but the sound quality sucked.

eh, just ok...but there's potential.

well i've seen worse. keep on a practicing! oh and just a note...on the chi(qi). ninjas being japanese. it would be a "ki" enhancing supplement. Chi(Qi)= chinese Ki=Japanese.

Uno, Dos...

Dude... it's like all me & the boyz (weenie white ninjas) could talk about after we came back from "secret ninja camp"!! Good efforts bro!! Not bad for # 2!! Good luck... P.s. I support an organization called BBTN (Bring Back the Ninja)! Please send $20,000,000 ,cash, to my house!! I shall revive the sacred way of NINJAAAAAAA!!!

=] Good going

Nice ideas, and a funny concept. I'd love to see some more of your work, keep it up mate.

You'll get a high 7 from me


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Apr 20, 2006
11:35 PM EDT
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