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Droidom Ep.1

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this is my very first submission anywhere.
not my first movie mind you...but first submission, I also added some junk into the credits, so it's a little different than the first submission but not much.
I think this update should fix the preloader.

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(( NEAT ))

This was neat, i liked it, it was funny and entertaining, the "ROBOT" was notbad at all i like the shine and details you gave it, you should make more episodes as this has something to it, has some good flavor and such, anyways hope to see more soon...

Add more robots and characters...

A good series with neat characters especialy the robot...


lol i only made that song to piss ppl off!!!

lol that accout was stolen so here is my new account! i would love it if you made a movie to one fo my 2 newest songs! please????

oh btw

SuperFakeFilms responds:

Which song are you talking about?

Another awsome movie!!!

Oh man great movie keep up the good work.... this is like the best movie on newgrounds on my opinion.... GREAT JOB!!!!

Love the lip syncing. =D

First submission to Newgrounds? Nicely done and what an excelllent way to get out of the gates. =)

Anyway I thought the robotic themed music was awesome everything from the numa numa to Stephen Hawkins during the credits, all gold.
The lips syncing was what impressed me the most, I'm not sure how you did it... like maybe you talked through a walkie talkie or something but it just sounded great and was very, very convincing.

The drawings were nice and looked swell, maybe a little on the plain and simple side because of no graphic intense backgrounds or anything but overall it looked organized and professional. <==shading good too.

Anyway good work on this, I thought it lacked in humour to be honest however everything else was just X-core. 4/5.
btw I heard from a previous review somewhere or something your submitting a second episode soon, any expected dates?

SuperFakeFilms responds:

Yeah, and now that I'm editing my respnse two years later, I can say there are a few more Droidom episodes out

The best of the firsts

Dude - that's damn impressive work, especially considering it was your first flash! Well animated, funny plot, and of course an excellent choice of music (pardon the bias). :) Great work and a damn fine debut.

Thanks a lot for using my music in your flash. [In the credits you listed me as "requiemzero" which is my old name; I changed it to TritoneAngel a while back, but the audio still lists my name as what it was when I submitted the track.]

SuperFakeFilms responds:

It's not(eye twitches)my first movie merely the first submission I had ever done

Thank you

your music is awesome, even if it would be better for a FF tribute

and I changed the credits for you