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Tails and his GBA 3

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But seriously, quarter of a million views, that's pretty kick ass.

So here it is after too long a time at last, Tails and his GBA 3, just for the fans who wanted to see this done. :P
There's 3 easter eggs, can you find them?

This time around, Tails and Amy Rose venture into the gamapaks Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, and Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue/white, what'll happen to them? Who knows, just watch the damn thing. :)

Well eitherway, I hope you enjoy this, I only finished this because so many of you wanted to see this finished, because I'm certainly not doing any more sequels to this thing!

Oh, the movie is 7:48 seconds long, and there's even an option to download it on google video from the right click menu.

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[Re-review from Feb 26th, 2016! Cause I really wanted to be at the front again lmao]

A great improvement compared to the previous two installments, Tails just can't keep himself out of harm's way! Also, gotta love that Nintendopella reference at the beginning. I remember watching this video back in my earlier years way back then, actually, this one was the first flash submission I ever seen here on Newgrounds!!

I considered this animation here the standard for sprite movies, it's really that smooth! As always, take my fiven.

*Also, as a nice homage, gotta love that part when Amy said after Tails mentioned the Sonics in GBA2 touched himself, "that's NO good". You should get the reference. :)

*Another awesome thing I found: the pics that appear after Tails wins a battle in the Megaman skit are actually randomized! Repeat the skit a few times to see them all.


Easter egg locations time!

(Not really a easter egg, but just click (B)onus.)
1.) When Tails watches the Nintendopella skit, click on the dude's shirt.
2.) On the Pokémon game pak, and as Amy makes her tactical retreat, click on the radio before she leaves.
3.) On the Battle Network 3 game pak, and as Tails decides to fly about, click on the mystery data. You'll have to be quick about it though.

Cool video but you should've made Tails and his GBA 4 anyways....just sayin'


I love how the data you get in the MMBN game is random every time.

lol anus sangrando kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lol XD