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Weed Harmless 3

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Update: If you're having trouble viewing the flash go to this link http://www.whatthefawk.c
om/wh3/vidindex.htm which has a link to each video separately and the main video with working nav.

Well it took me long enough to release this right? Here it is though, I hope people enjoy it as much as I did making it. It's 11 shorts, (and a cooking guide!), that parody the war on drugs, anti-marijuana commercials and more. I'd talk more about it here, but there's plenty of text to read and video to watch inside.

Happy 4/20!

Thanks for the reviews, good and bad, they really help me decide where I should go next when dealing with this subject, lets me know what people already know, what they really want to learn about and how they feel in general.

Update 4/22:
Normalized the soft voices at the end of Nick and Norm 3 and fixed a missing lipsync.

Update 4/21:
I updated the video, fixed some spelling errors and for the nav bar a little, I'll be posting links to the seperate video files later today to get around that. I think it's a problem with flash trying to accessing the swf across domains.

For now the controls should work here: http://www.whatthefawk.c

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Must have been a lotta work!!
well played Sir!

Stay strong ::)

Doesn't work

Thank You

LOL this is definatly true.... most of it. yea hilarious LOL

Pretty good animaton & a really good basic message. It's pretty dated though as you could easily replace the Bush references with Obama & the Fox News jabs with MSNBC (they're all the same) but, I did see the date of it's release & it explains the references.

People need a bit of a new message to get in their heads these days. Stop voting for any particular party & find candidates that will support either legalization or more constitutional legislation. Since the War on Drugs is unconstitutional supporting those with a constitutional platform will help just as much as someone that runs on a legalize platform. The only presidents that would have ever opposed a war on drugs were the ones that wrote the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Also, stop voting only for the president as the more local to you the office is the more directly it affects your life.

Liked the first half the best. Please make more. This site needs more pot games & movies.