Time Shift Drawing

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This is a frame by frame animation of a character I drew, I took a new frame each time I drew or edited a line.
The blue lines are the ones drawn on a higher layer.
Music - Jet - Rollover DJ


Very nice

Very nicely done. Good artwork too. Leep up the good work

GatlingMan: Clear Points: 10000

Hey drums! It's easports25, from DA! I've seen this compared to your other drawings, and that got me thinking... what would he look like as a blob..?

Anyway... Nice pic, I've never seen a fbf drawing sequence like that. Seriously, I havent. Aw3sum! ^_^

good drawings

if your drawings are good what about your flash animations? go put him inaction soldier :D

drums-tech responds:

Yessir! :D


If you would include a stop/Pause button and a few hints on drawing, this might get a slightly higher score; And as said previously, more characters, maybee some other stuff (animals, machinery...) and it could be nice.
Anyway, I like your style, hope to see some animations soon :)

drums-tech responds:

Since this was my first flash, I didn't want to go completely overboard with it and risk mucking it up.
But I definately know, now, what to add and improve for the next one :)

pretty crunk....

yeah i liked it, this quite possibly coulda ranked in the top wateva if you had drawn a few more interestin ppl (in the same way). anwyays good job!

Dom on --==SADanimations==--

drums-tech responds:

I'm actually drawing these characters for the Peeps in my Mums Yr 4 class, so there will be plenty more to come, hopefully maybe even with a little animation of the final characters...

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3.04 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
7:07 PM EDT
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