Us Dudes 3

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this third and final chapter in Us Dudes goes out with a bang! i hope you liked it as much as we did making it! enjoy the bonus features.

EDIT:i forgot to mention Ray O. in the voice cast credits. he was the one at the end of the cartoon with the switch. i'll also be making my next cartoon with him.



I must admit i have not seen the others in the series but this 3rd one was really good, makes me want to see the other two, as for the flash at hand very good, and some decent voices, and overall had my attention till the end, so nice job...

Reduce the large file size thatw as very large...

A big flash file but has good content and neat characters with some ok voices...


JoltMasta responds:

thank you very much. im glad you enjoyed it. i think most of it had to do with audio... but in my future cartoons. i will reduce file size. thanks again

my biased review

i liked it guys. this third one was the best of the 3 (sort of like star wars #s 1-3), and just like star wars 1-3 they all kinda sucked anyway. j/k. i like when i cough and my face changes like 8 times.

JoltMasta responds:

you would like that you sick bastard. go get off on someone elses cough other than your own!!

You guys are great! <3 jen, jess and kristin

this cartoon is very funny! the three of us watched it and thought it was very good! don't listen to other peoples reviews if they put the cartoon down because its good so keep it up! lol ill talk to you guys later~

JoltMasta responds:

thanks. its uplifting to know i hang around people who... understand my immense sophistication and sense of humor. ok thats bull but thanks ^_^


Just because you work an excuse for bad flash and confusing storyline into the plot doesn’t excuse you from bad marks. It’s poorly done. The sound levels very and even with the assistance of the story line this flash make little to no since.

JoltMasta responds:

actually it was very well done

I'm not only a reviewer... I'm also a voicce actor

Probably the best installment, AND IF PPL WOULD READ THE GODDAMN PLOT SUMMARY OR WATCH THE FIRST TWO they might enjoy this a little better. I hate how people criticize us for this kind of work, not great but decent... and then shit like "sex and the bedroom" makes front page. Lighten up you assholes.

JoltMasta responds:

amen, you should start a church choire... you know... the black kinda. you could really get your message across

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2.86 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
2:53 PM EDT
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