Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 1)

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Author Comments

This episode is called 'Havin' a Fight' for reasons that will hopefully become clear. I'd recommend watching the episode before this, because it's kind of the first part of the storyline.
I've had to break the episode in half because of file size restrictions. Be sure to watch Part 2 after this: http://www.newgrounds.co
And finally, go to my website if you want to watch the other episodes: www.fitchandjove.com

EDIT: Daily Feature?! Yay! My second prize :)
EDIT 2: FRONTPAGE?! Omg, my life is complete. I can die happy now :D:D

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That has been one of the best flash animations i have seen in a while. I love the random humor and the events that can never happen. Good Job keep up the good work.


BLOODY WELL DONE MATE!!!! That was awsome shit!!! From start to finish it was good i sorta lost hope for anything good comin out in story wise sorta stuff but this was fantastic. The blokes got a good sense of humor and the animations just suit it perfectly 10/10 of ten if i could give a 50 i would but i cant. Keep it up mate TOP STUFF!!!!

margarine responds:

Thanks a lot!

This is funny and interesting.

I like it when someone actually makes something funny with drawings that are fun to look at. I was held for the duration of this animation. I also like the animator's sense of humor about video game sprites. He mocks them just as they should be mocked. If I see another animator waste his/her/my time with a cartoon based on any video character from any game whatsoever, I am going to train to become a professional hacker and destroy all of their computers at the same time! If you are able to watch something that features a Nintendo character named 'Mario' for more than ten seconds, you are a dimwit.

margarine responds:

Well, I wasn't really mocking. Just a gentle nudge really. Oi. Thanks for ze review flashcan!

that was great

that was one of the best cartoons i ever sawww

margarine responds:

Don't forget to watch PART 2! Check my portal submissions page :)


very entertaining, i think the voices are very well played and the animation was good aswell....lol you said the vortex sucked them off, lololoolol

margarine responds:

ohhh, I am the height of wit
Thanks for the review! And if I knew how to makes games, I'd make one like that. It'd be awesome. Well, not really, it'd be shit, but you know what I mean...

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
2:25 PM EDT
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