{2006} The ultimate game2

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The first Version had a score of 2.5073/5.0000, this is the
secound version with new stuff...
i know some people didn't like the background so i added a button to make it invisible.
You can also change the Quality and the balls color


What the...?

First of all, i can play a brick breaker game five times as good at plenty of websites. Second, there was no wall on the sides to stop the pad from moving, also the graphics for blocks were bad and there should have been sounds for when they broke.


crappy clone, but the music is cool, i like it.

can u give me the title of it...

der-Wahnsinn responds:

it's a song from Apocalyptica...


Making remakes is really a great practice on what you've learned in actionscript. but consider before submitting it to newgrounds, are the graphics good enough ? Is the music ok ? Should I add new things ?
The actionscript is great, but it seems like you hurried all the other things, like sound effects ( none ) and graphics ( poorly ) and sound ( doesn't fit in ).
So I suggest work on those.
Great job ! but you'll have to do better to make it love-able


Well, it was a good game but there are some bugs you can work out:
1)You really need to take off the low gravity thing, one level i hit it once and it kept going side to side the whole level.
2)My ball got stuck on the side of the wall and i had to restart. :(

nothing too mnew or interesting

i give you a 9/10 for the music and a four out of ten for the game play this is coming from an arkanoid freak so yeah. keep up the good work though.

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
11:38 AM EDT
Skill - Other