{2006} The ultimate game2

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The first Version had a score of 2.5073/5.0000, this is the
secound version with new stuff...
i know some people didn't like the background so i added a button to make it invisible.
You can also change the Quality and the balls color


I'm only writing this...

to tell loz1 that he is a complete fucking moron. this is not a pong remake you fucktard. pong is tennis you dipshit.

And this game was just lame.

Decent game but needs better graphics & variation.

The game is alright and it works ok as as a pong remake. However the boxes you need to destroy are all similar with no interesting variations in what they provide (like an extra ball). The added things at the bottom, supposedly to improve gameplay just get in the way a bit. Good luck with any other game attempt though.

done that, seen this before.

this idea has been done over and over and over again. get something more original.

we have enough of these games as it is.

return of an old game

I liked the concept behind it. The only problem I had was that the moveable bar that the player controlled is sometimes obscured by the Color, Quality, ect. Maybe leave a bit of room between the two? Overall good game :)

i lyked it

but maybe if u added upgrades?

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
11:38 AM EDT
Skill - Other