{2006} The ultimate game2

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The first Version had a score of 2.5073/5.0000, this is the
secound version with new stuff...
i know some people didn't like the background so i added a button to make it invisible.
You can also change the Quality and the balls color



When i saw the name for this game i thought "sounds good", But how in the world does this game justify as "Ultimate"? Even with another title this game is just a brick breaker, and not the best one either.

in what way was that ultimate?

What about that game was, in fact or opinion, ultimate?
I was struggling to justify the game's title to myself when I thought of all the other meanings of the word 'ultimate'.
It can mean best, perfect or it can mean final, last, conclusion or it could mean categorical, explicit, exact. None of these properly describe the shambles masquerading as entertainment with which you have poluted the internet. Well done, I am disappointed in the world.

It was just another "breakout" game...

Graphics-5, it was just a ball, a background and a pad.
Style-4, read graphics
Sound-6, I liked the music
Violence-1, Those were innocent blocks that never deserved to die.
Interactivity-6, You could only move your pad by moving the mouse.
Humor-0, haha... dead blocks.
Overall-5, This isn't bad... I've seen worse flashes. (The ultimate game?)

What the...?

First of all, i can play a brick breaker game five times as good at plenty of websites. Second, there was no wall on the sides to stop the pad from moving, also the graphics for blocks were bad and there should have been sounds for when they broke.

OK Game

I gave it a 4/5 and a 8/10 it was an ok game but it lacked,also if you make a newer version here's some things to add.
different backgrounds some like the one you had and some just plain
more music choices like techno ska punk hip hop stuff
more levels and more crativity
2 modes story like what you have and scoring mode where you need a certain score to pass and different color blocks for diff scores like blue for 100 red for 500 silver is 300 gold is 1000
-Fusion studios

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
11:38 AM EDT
Skill - Other