{2006} The ultimate game2

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The first Version had a score of 2.5073/5.0000, this is the
secound version with new stuff...
i know some people didn't like the background so i added a button to make it invisible.
You can also change the Quality and the balls color



This was very good, but not he best that i has seen, still this is the only that i has seen at ng.


Its been done before but still it was okay!!

der-Wahnsinn responds:

k thanks

old and easy

its was fun for a little bit then again it wasnt , i still liked it but.. it was done before but you new additions were nice like when the block dissapeared that was one funky effect .(notice you spelled control wrong at begining and when in game i wanted my mouse on the ulitame thing but the options menu kept creeping up t, that annoyed me) still nice game , kept me amusused not the best ive seen but yet i liked it

Unoriginal but good enough I guess...

This type of game has been done before a million times, and this brings nothing new to the table. But, I did have a little fun with it, I guess.

Anyway, next time, try to increase the realism of the ball physics (which isn't an easy task) and maybe add better graphics..
That's all.

P.S. This music was pretty cool, though...

nothing special

i didn't think this game was diffrent in anyway it was just average and a bit to easy. however i liked the gameplay of the game as it kept you hooked to it. you could of used diffrent kinds of blocks or diffrent balls and add power ups. i hope to see a improved version of it soon.

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3.21 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
11:38 AM EDT
Skill - Other