Ultimate Ninja Showdown 4

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Inu Diaben vs. The Fat Ninja. This is a flash for a forum where we battle each others ninjas. May the best flash artist win.

Thanks to DoucheFlagon (Utz) For the voice of the clerk.



Lol, that was hilarious with the hot coffee thing, howd you do inu's voice, its so funny when he says no shit bitch hot coffee, lol, couldn't stop laughing.

It's a shame.

It's a shame you haven't kept on with the Ninja Showdown series, i enjoy watchin/laughing at them. But i hope ya get your flash skills EVEN better as you said you would with the Purecarnage teaser.

Good luck bro.


A change to UNS, but the voices really didnt fit .


PureCarnage responds:

Yeah... I agree on the voices... so we will do something different for the next UNS.

The change is because I'm experimenting, this series is great for that... they are studies into many aspects of flash.

I like the graphical upgrade with the static non vector background images.

I am going to try to up the graphical quality.


Uri Daiben has some good points there.

PureCarnage responds:

Thanks JFN! I liked your thread response about Inu's name, it's because I have a sick sense of humor is why he's called Dog Shit in Japanese.

Very nice movie

Graphics: Very nice 3D effects. I must say though, the fight didn´t really looked that good. It looks a little weird that their whole bodies move and not just their arms when they swing their katana´s, know what I mean? I understand that might be a little diffecult to make, but maybe you should practise a bit more with that.

Sounds: The voices were not bad, but like the guy before me, I sometimes couldn´t hear what the fat guy was saying either. You did gave the other ninja subtitles, why didn´t you give the fat ninja and the mcdonals guy subtitles as well? It also didn´t had any subtitles at the end. I think you should just add them everywere in the movie. As for the other things, well the music was okay. It could use some sounds at some places like during the fight.

Interactivity: Well it got plenty of options at the end, but what I missed was a simple replay button. It would be nice if you added that.

Humor: I think the fat guys order took a bit long and later in the movie the mcdonald guy repeated it all again. Got a little boring, but it was still a very funny movie.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. Well even though there are still some things to improve, I think it was a very nice movie overall. I watched part 3 as well and I think your doing a very good job. I hope you´ll make many more. Keep up the excellent work.

PureCarnage responds:

I can work the subtitles in for all characters. Trying to make improvements in all areas, these flashes are great opportunities to sharpen my skills.

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
3:52 AM EDT
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