Ultimate Ninja Showdown 4

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Inu Diaben vs. The Fat Ninja. This is a flash for a forum where we battle each others ninjas. May the best flash artist win.

Thanks to DoucheFlagon (Utz) For the voice of the clerk.


Y'know, I gotta say.

I know 'Inu' is supposed to be all deep voiced and badass, but his big rant against fat people and health nuts blaming it all on McDonalds actually made him sound whinier than The Fat Ninja.

Haha funny

Again you need to improve a bit on the 3D animation skills, but man this had humour god I was laughing. And the ninjas mega deep voice made it sound even funnier :)

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Funny as hell

This was another humorous episode of your "Ultimate Ninja Showdown" series,i got a kick out of the fat ninja when he went to order at Mcdonalds and Ronald Mcdonald was the cashier,the voice acting was funny too and i thought the framerate was very smooth and looked nice,overall i enjoyed this fourth installment of this little series of yours.

Stop it!

Face it dude there's no way you can do this with 40 pages worth of ninjas people posted. Especially since the series doesn't seem very popular. Also if you're going to have subtitles please have it for all characters, not just Ibu-whatever.

Will You Fucking Decide?

What's your shitty ninja's name? Inu Daiben or Uri Daiben?

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2006
3:52 AM EDT
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