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The Bordering

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My latest movie. I'm quite proud of the outcome.
If you like it, all my other movies are at...


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f'n hillarious

THe ending was so fing funny. At first I thought it was gonna be a pretty serious thing until the penis showed up and you really just don't expect that. Pretty much the only explanation for that I can think of is that the guy was high on shrooms or some other halucenajin

(( Needs color ))

This was sorta wacky and interesting, could use more color in the backround though you did add some but seems like it could use more, just so that it stands out, aslo the animation could be improved.

Smoother animation, some color, and more content.

Short and wacky animation.


1371 responds:

This was the gayest thing I've ever read.



I lol'd.

what was funny

when it started i didnt get it then a couple second later i was laughing it was funny but kind of short needs to be a little long like 1 min long

1371 responds:

I'm glad you liked it. The longest movie I have made actually got blammed with a score of 1.6.
It's called The Last Will And Testament Of A Dying Caveman.
Its probably my best in my opinion. I'm going to touch it up a bit and resubmit it. Oh, and sorry about the length. It was going to be a two-parter...but I decided, what the hell, I need to be humored.


below average beginning, amazing ending

I'm not going to lie, i watched this three times, and not for the overly cheesy opening and average animation, but for the awesome ending that made me laugh every time, very similar to Sick Animation, I loved it.

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2006
10:06 PM EDT